Flying over the Cloud

A mistery world under the cloud
Diving the Angelita Cenote is a quite diferent experience to any other you may get on the sea or even on the cenotes arround. A big hole open in the middle of the jungle, this cenote is a well so deep as 200 ft. The water is not really clear, there is no any geological structure, but it is really amazing.

The dive start with white and no clear water, you cannot see the bottom, so it is just a vertical go down to don't know where. Then the water became really clear and you can watch a landscape properly from a horror movie more than a diving documental. A small island covered with dead leafs, bare branches of trees, roundend with a thick white fog.

Really it is a cloud of hidrogen sulfur, created by plants decomposition catched between salt water on the bottom and fresh water on the top.

But this is just a little spot of what you find there. It is an amazing experience that you may also do with Calavera or Dream Gate.

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