Diving in Mahahual

A Colourful Reef

So peacefull diving with turtles
Mahahual coast, in Grand Costa Maya area, is an ideal place to enjoy your passion, because there are somemany dive and snorkel spots in less than 10 minutes boat from village.

Snorkel is done in the natural pool between the coral reef and the beach, using safevest and floats for those with no experience, but deep enought for those who want to try freedive.

You get mesmerized with squid colour changing.
There are two diferent reefs for divers. First one so deep as 33 ft, special for beginners. And a second one between 50 to 100 ft for certifiers to enjoy according their experience. Even there are some good spots so deep as 130 ft for deep diver specialist.

Coral walls 50 ft tall with open channels to passing throught. With somemany bright coloured reeffish, morey eels, lobsters, eaglerays or turtles, dives are always full of fun.

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