Banco Chinchorro

Hidden Paradise

A hidden treasue over the sea
Less than 2 hours boat away from Mahahual, Grand Costa Maya, in the middle of the blue sea, you'll find the mexican caribean jewell, hidden in plain sight.

It is an all day long tour, starting with sunlight. It has two stops for snorkeling or diving, and a visit to Cayo Centro, where you'll see the fishermen houses over pillars named 'palafitos', the original iguanas and famouse crocodiles.

Wrecks on the reef
The atolon, or strictly fake atolon, outside part is just 6 to 20 ft deep, with crystal water and no any land to make shadows where snorkel is safe and required.

For divers it is just the beginning, the bottom goes down slowly further than recrational dive limits. Always rounded with corals, reeffish, turtles, rays, makes this an amaizing experience. Thats the reason this is a Biosfere Reserve.

On the other side of Banco Chincorro, there are rests of somemany wrecks occurs in the area. Mostly still recognizable and with a great archeological worht, but all of them as artificial reef full of coral.

Sleep a night in paradise
It is 60 miles long and 30 miles wide, there are just a few emerged areas as Cayo Centro, Cayo Norte, or Cayo Lobos but somemany places to visit and to live.

Check the prices, the sales y and ask for a customized plan..