Lionfish Hunting

Help the reef enjoying

So beautiful with the open fans
Lionfish is maybe one of the most beautiful fish you can find at Mahahual and Grand Costa Maya Reef. But it is also one of the worst pests this delicate ecosystem can suffer.

Native from Indo-Pacific, it came to the mexican caribean coast as a sort of bad matches. It has no any natural predator in the area because of its poisoned spines. It's extremely voracious, specially juveniles, and its rate of reproduction is ultra high. All together make this fancy fish a real nightmare.

So voracious as tasty
Those are the reason why fishing it with scuaba tank is allowed. As the sting is very painful and the environment is very fragile you need first learn how to use the spear and handle the fish. Anyway you'll have always at hand a first aid kit with pain killers.

After the hunting... you'll enjoy tasty dishes at a restaurant on the beach. Poison is just on the spins, the rest of the body is delicious.

Check the prices, the sales y and ask for a customized plan..