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So much dives far from Mahahual coast
Mahahual in Grand Costa Maya has so many beautiful spots just in 10 minutes boat from the village. But further there is even more fun. If you want to know different spots or just living an adventure at sea, Grand Costa Maya offers you so much else.

Going South there are 60 miles to Xahuayxol of beautiful reef full of life and colours, and going North to Pulticub there are another 60 miles of sea just explored by fishermen, and any further the natural reserve of Sian Ka'an is.

The adventure starts, early in the morning, fulling the boat with tanks, food and gasoline, for a day long trip along the beach watching a priviledge sight of Grand Costa Maya, stoping just for diving in unique spots and having lunch on a pristine beach in the shade of a palm tree. If you join this adventure with Lionfish Hunting you may taste a fresh Lionfish Ceviche!

Check the prices, the sales y and ask for a customized plan..