A world of choices


A world of choices


The reef

More than 20 different dive spots. A bay with almost no current. A warm clear water with around 60 ft of visibility. A healthy coral wall full of life. What more do you want to ask to live a whole bunch of new experiences?

40 ft, 60 ft, 100 ft, 130 ft. There is always a good dive for your experience level. Just ask us and we organize.

Lion fish

The hunt

So beautiful and so dangerous. This fish is not from Caribbean for real, it comes from Indo-Pacific to stay as one the more voracious and devastating species in the area, nowadays is a real plague. It has no natural predators, so we will be their worst nightmare.

Join us to clean the reef and, by the way, enjoy a tasting ceviche after your dive. Just be very careful with the spines.


Open new places

There is a new diving world further than Mahahual just come to know it. It has more than 100 miles to the south with so many different places to enjoy. Cannons, tunnels, caves, amazing underwaterscapes.

We will start early in the morning enjoying so many different dive spots. If you like we can try to find some lion fish on our way and enjoy a ceviche on the boat.


Diving underground.

Total Darkness, Amazing Visibility, Halocline, great views, all you need to have and unforgettable experience. That's why we are in a diving paradise, one side the coral reef, other side fresh water caves.

We set everything we need on the car and start the tour to know diving underground, and Quintana Roo far from coast by the way.


For any experience level

Discover Scuba Diving

Your very first time

Do you never try before but are dying to know it? Take the chance this is maybe the best place on earth, with the best sea and the best team.

Enjoying the morning. First a speech on the beach, then a practice on shallow water to get confidence with equipment and media, and finishing a real dive on the reef.

Open Water


The Open Water Diver Certification is the key to this amazing underwater world.

The course is really easy, simple and fun. There is a theory part that you study online by yourself. Then 4 seasons of skill to get more and more confidence with equipment and media. The most interesting part are 4 dives on the reef to practice everything you already learn while enjoy the dive.

Everything supported by the 2 best diving schools around the world. SSI and PADI

Deep Dive

Breaking Barriers


From the very first time you tried scuba dive your goal was go deeper and deeper. To break the 60 ft limit. Now it's your time.

With this course you will master the techniques to reach the 130 ft, always safe and responsible. Because the most important part of the adventure is that you can tell to your friends.

Perfect Buoyancy

One with the sea


Are you tired of seeing your guides and your more experienced buddies not even move while you are wasting your air kicking to stay on the same position?

That's over. Now you are going to learn their secret. With the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course you spend one whole day focus on skills to hover, ascend and descend just with the air of your lungs and BCD.

Rescue Diver

Taking care of your buddies


You are already an expert diver. You have seen your guides handle hard situations, even you have been part of any of these situations. Take the step and learn to help others with confidence.

In this course, you will learn how to identify problems before they happen, how to see fears or problems in your buddies. You will also learn to help your guide in a hard situation and even manage it by yourself. Even being it very intense it is also very rewarding.


Becoming Professional


You enjoy the sea whenever you can. Anytime is good for you to tell your fantastic underwater adventures. It is time to make your profession from your passion.

As a Divemaster, you will learn how to be in charge of a group of excited divers, same as you are today. From checking the best dive site for the day, helping the divers with their equipment, to guide them showing the best-hidden secrets in the route. You will also support the instructors with the group of new divers, encouraging them and helping them with their fears and insecurities.

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